1.     Who can purchase the Flano products?
We primarily address distributors, who then sell to nurseries, primary schools and other institutions. But everyone is welcome to contact us with questions or specific requests.

2.     How can I place an order?
Please contact one of our distributors! Please click on the “Distributors” tab above for full contact details.
You can of course always contact us at Flano Design if you have special requirements that the distributor cannot meet.

3.   How can I contact customer support?
Depending on the issue, please call or send an e-mail, either directly to us or to one of our distributors.
Please see the contact information.

4.   I need a tailor-made solution. How should I proceed?
For special requirements and given enough time, we are happy to develop tailor-made solutions.
We also accept special requests for items that you would like us to add to our product range.

 5.    I would like to receive support material for the products
Currently, Flano Design is preparing special support materials. Until this is released, please check the examples under “Educational suggestions” regarding how to work with the stories. There is plenty of room for development, e.g. how to target different topics, etc.


6.   Are the Flano Design products sold in stores?
No, we do not operate a physical store that you can visit and where you can make purchases.
We operate a warehouse, an administrative office and the studio.

 7.    Which distributors carry the Flano Design products?
In Sweden, the Flano Design products are available from Lekolar, ABA-Skol, Staples and Time in.

 8.    Is Flano Design represented at trade fairs?
Yes, from time to time we do participate in trade fairs, but since the products are sold through distributors, they usually represent our products.