When colours, shapes, words and images come together in a playful manner, educational products take on a new dimension. Linguistic development and improved understanding are achieved through creativity, productive value creation and long-term goals. When all our senses are stimulated and the imagination is allowed to roam freely, new doors open up and we gain new perspectives. Playful learning with tradition is doubly satisfying since the heart and brain are working together.

The colourful, intuitive flannel board stories offer a wide scope for the children’s own thoughts and reflections. As an educationalist, you decide yourself when, where and how you want to share this experience with the children since the flannel board story as a teaching aid is both clear and very easy to use.

We offer a wide range of familiar classics as well as other stories produced in-house. You can also find many other Flano stories sorted by topic, e.g. Maths, Nature & Environment, Rhymes, etc.

Useful facts:

•  Flano stories – or flannel board stories – are fairy tales you narrate with the help of pictures you put on a flannel board. Choose between round, square, portable or permanently wall-mounted boards (See Flano Boards)

Through active participation in the story, children develop knowledge and learn to interact.

•  The colourful pictures are printed on a durable surface. The pictures are supplied pre-printed with flannel board backing, so called “flannel dots”, on the reverse. Because of this, the pictures easily adhere to any of the flannel boards in the Flano Design range.

•  You won’t need any glue, all you need to do is simply cut out the pictures and then attach them onto your flannel board! Easy, straightforward and completely portable.

•  All picture sheets/fairy tales are supplied with a story text. As an educationalist, this is what you should narrate to the children. It is very easy to adapt the flannel board story to your surroundings and the moment. As an educationalist, you get an inspiring method with clear guidance and tangible tools to meet the course plan goals of language development in children at both pre-school and primary school level.

•  The flannel sheets are supplied in A3 size (29.5 × 42 cm).

•  The flannel board pictures are easy to move around and can be used again and again.

•  For the story about Anna and the Tall Uncle, you can add number cards and a tape measure to practise maths and lengths like metres, centimetres and millimetres.

• All the materials are available from our distributors.

Would you like to order pictures/fairy tales that are not in our range today?

Send an e-mail to info@flanodesign.se and we´ll help you find what you´re looking for.