Flano works!
The flannel board sheets are flexible and so easy to use. Whatever the message, topic or target group, they form a strategic tool that will allow you to meet defined objectives. Children as well as adults become engaged and stimulated when colours and shapes, words and images come together in a playful and challenging manner.

The Flano stories tear down barriers and open up borders.
No matter who you are, whatever your background, interests, skills, talents, dreams and needs, you can always adapt the flannel board to your individual situation. When all our senses are stimulated and the imagination is allowed to roam freely, new doors open up and we gain new perspectives.
Age, background, gender, interest or ethnicity does not matter. The Flano stories tear down barriers and open up borders. The colourful visuals and engaging stories communicate other values intuitively in a strategic and educational manner that promotes development. This is what Flano Design has taken as its mission.

Do let us know about your own ideas!
Do you have original ideas, specific requirements, needs or thoughts?
In our studio with its unrivalled creative environment, we have room for tailor-made solutions.
If there is something you feel is missing from our product range, please tell us…
Call Eva Kvillner and let’s play with your ideas! Flano works, inspires and stimulates.
When the heart and mind work together, the outcome is simply so much better.


Disney Channel
Flannel board sheets with Disney figures – Special assignment for The Disney Channel.

Swedish TV4 station
Flannel board for the “IDOL” TV series

Kleerups Utbildning/ Kråkes Bokklubb 
Flannel board sheets with the Kråke figures.
Special assignment for the Kråke Book Club.

Flannel board with accompanying felt banknotes.