Book package with flano: Little Lustig and the friends of the forest

Theme: Friendship – How are you a good friend!

Different but still so alike. Everyone is equal.
Little Lustig feels lonely and has no friends to play with. Everybody laughs and teases him because he is different.
One day he leaves his red boots where he lives and engages in adventure in the woods.
There he meets the squirrel, the owl and their friends who show Little Lustig a whole new world and another way of thinking.

Book package with flano: Little Lustig and the friends of the forest: book + flano + tutorial


“Little Lustig gets bullied because he looks different. He walks to the woods and meets the squirrel who tells him that it is good to be different.” …. “The illustrations are colorful and expressive and the image and text follow each other well.” …. “Two big and important messages are woven together” …. “Here is also the basis for important discussions in a pre-school group.” …
– Solveig Lidén, BTJ-booklet no. 20, 2015

“Little Lustig and the Friends of the Forest” are a book that illustrates differences, but also similarities with the animals in nature, which are described pedagogically, which is also easy for children to understand. The book shares good value and knowledge about friendship and nature The book is highly appreciated by the family. ”
– Charlotta Lagerberg-Thunes, author, mother and behaviorist.

The book “Little Lustig and the Friends of the Forest” helps your children understand that we are all different while learning about animals and nature. Together with Lille Lustig and his friends, your children will learn about friendship and how lucky we are to be different!

Now available for ordering, a book package with flano: Little Lustig and the friends of the forest. A story about friendship, based on good value and also natural science.
Tutorials and discussion questions are included in the package. Also guess the footsteps of the animals. Exciting and educational.

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