Little Lustig and Friends of the Forest


Theme: Friendship – How are you a good friend!

Flano saga: “Little Lustig and Friends of the Forest”, 2 pcs. A3 sheet with accompanying sagotext and tutorial. Also pair the animal tracks.

Different but still so alike. Everyone is equal.
Little Lustig feels lonely and has no friends to play with. Everybody laughs and teases him because he is different.
One day he leaves his red boots where he lives and engages in adventure in the woods.
There he meets the squirrel, the owl and their friends who show Little Lustig a whole new world and another way of thinking.

The wise owl and the squirrel tell Lustig about animals and nature, people, exclusion and friendship.
“Do you know that everyone is different,” said the squirrel when they sat on an old stump.
Nobody is like the other but everyone is different, and that’s fine.

Follow Little Lustig on a journey through the forest, a journey that reflects on today’s society in a great and entertaining way.

The story can be linked to the curriculum, both in terms of value and natural science. Guess the animal tracks too!

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