Who’s angry?


After many requests, we have developed another flan story by Stina Wirsén for the youngest children. In this book, it is easy to recognize oneself both for adults and for children.

Teddy sits and builds with bricks. Then the cat comes and wants to play along. But Teddy does’nt want him to.

– “It’s my tower,” said Teddy.

– Oh, what a mean teddy bear! Very mean, says the cat.

Who’s angry? is an easy-to-read story about big feelings for the youngest children. It’s about how angry and sad you can be when playing together. And how fun you can have!
In a masterful way, Stina Wirsén captures the humour of the situation. The books are simple in their arrangement, but with great finesse and accuracy, Stina Wirsén finds the little shades that make the story a powerful adventure!

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