Handledning Lille Lustig

    Discussion questions: Similarities and dissimilarities, exclusion and togetherness.

    1. Instructions from teacher to child: Look around the room. Here we are, boys and girls with different names and interests. We all look different on the outside, right? But on the inside we are also alike, just like Little Lustig, the squirrel and the owl.

    Tasks a) How do you feel when someone is mean to you and teasing you? The children describe how they feel. Then the pedagogue finds a few words as all the children have in common.
    Write the words on a paper. For instance if you feel sad or angry.

    Tasks b) What do you look like when you’re sad or angry? All the children can then draw themselves with different looks, but with the same emotion. Put up the pictures on the wall in a row. Talk about and look at everyones picture. Identify the similarities in the emotions inside the body.